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Water Dog

Chloe just cracks us up when we are outside on the weekends. She wants to be in the pool so badly but just can't seem to get her brain to over ride her body wanting to get in. She will run around the pool trying to decide if she should get in or not (this usually goes on for about 10-15 mins.) before she will just get in on the top step. Neon on the other hand loves the water and will just come right on in and swim around like a fish. We were out in the pool and decided to see if Chloe would get onto one of the rafts and stay there and she did! Here are a few photos of her out in the pool with Wayne. One day maybe she will realize that the water is her friend!

Our new addition

We have added a new addition to our household, in some respects it feels to soon but in others not. I did not realize how much life Kota brought into our house until he was gone. All last week I dreaded going home each night knowing that he would not be there. Our other animals were feeling the emptiness as well, they just didn't seem to have that spunk or energy to play, everyone was in mourning. Wayne has been very good about letting me know that there was no right or wrong time to get another kitten that whenever I was ready he would go with me and we would see what we could find. So on Saturday we went to a woman's house that runs Foothills Animal Rescue and ended up looking at about 40-50 cats. Now mind you I could NEVER have 40-50 cats in my home, but I am glad that there are people out there that do not mind that because they are saving these poor little kitties from the heat of AZ! We ended up leaving without a cat (so that we could go home and discuss the pros …