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Beautiful green grass

After 6 months of dirt we finally have grass!!!  Yay!!  We have wanted to get artificial grass for a long time, however it can be very expensive!  To conserve on money we decided not to plant winter grass this year (that and a new puppy) so opted for the dirt look instead.  Let me just tell you the dirt look is not all its cracked up to be.  My initial thought was that we could do it to save money on our water bill etc.. but I soon realized that I was loosing more in my sanity!  Not being able to let Cole go out and play and having to dust every single day as well as vacuum all the dirt and dead grass up after the dogs constantly drug it in got old very quickly!!  After a lot of investigating and questioning friends and family, we finally settled on a company Faithfully Green (the owner is a Mesa Firefighter).  He was great and allowed us to do most of the work ourselves to cut cost.  It was a BIG job but we knew we would feel so good at the end having accomplished most of it ourselves