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Wow what a month

Looking back I realize I haven't posted since Valentine's Day!  How can a month go by so quickly?!  Seems like we have been pretty busy over the last month.  Here are just a few things that we did. Wayne and I took the boys up to Prescott for the day to enjoy the cooler weather.  We ate lunch in town then brought them to a small zoo outside of town before going home through Jerome.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of Jerome or the zoo. Next Rocky?!
The boys and I on the steps to the Court House.
Wayne helping Cody up and down all the steps.
So many steps you have to take a break halfway through.  LOL
Looking at the War Memorial We also had our Texas family in town for a visit.  Spent a few hours at the Butterfly Museum with my Dad and Aunt Judy from TX.

Went to a going away party for my step-sister who moved to New Orleans. Boys had a blast going through the costume basket. 
Played a little baseball in the yard...
Had some lunch with friends!
Boys got a new jeep from t…