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Ultrasound Photo Updates

Ok, I turned the photos sideways so that it kinda looks like they are sitting up. (Seems to be the only way my mom can tell so I thought it might help others as well)
We are just shy of 24 weeks.... Only about 12 weeks left to go WooHoo!! Wow some days it just feels like it is flying by!!! Guess I better get crackin on the room!

We went for a check up today and I was telling the doc that I thought baby B was just kickin up a storm, but she informed me that it could actually be either one because both of their feet are right next to each other. Baby B is definitely the one cutting off my air supply though... sitting right under my breast bone it feels like!! Baby A is sitting farther down so my bladder gets hit with that one. LOL

The first photo is Baby A (Shake)
I thought it was a nice profile, we had another one of a wave (always seems to be doing that!) but it was a little blurry.

Second photo is Baby B (Bake) sucking a thumb!