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Willow Springs Lake

On Friday we decided to take a day trip up to Payson and go to a little lake called Willow Springs.  We have been going up to Payson our whole lives but for some reason neither Wayne or I could ever remember going to this lake.  We loaded up the 4 runner with dogs in back and headed out.  We knew that it would be cooler up north however neither of us realized that it was going to be so windy (50+ mph)!!!  We had a really good time just hanging out on our little piece of lake front. Cole loved collecting rocks, he even fell in the cold water but that didn't stop him from playing.  :)
Starting out with a nutritious lunch of Cheetos!!

Playing by the water with Daddy
Lake Dogs

Wet Dogs

Tucker loved the water!! (He looks so much like Neon)
Collecting rocks

Pre-haircut... makes his head look so big!  LOL