Kindergarten Grad

Wow does a school year fly by!  It seems like we were just walking you to your first day of Kindergarten last August and now we are walking you to your graduation!  We are so proud of you Cole!!  You have a kind heart, caring personality and a thirst for learning!  You have received A's all semester (which your teacher told us she does not give out very often)!!  You have also made some great friends.  We are excited to see what the next year has in store for you!  We love you Coconut!!
Getting ready in the classsroom
The ABC's.... P is for Pumpkin Patch that you went to in Oct.  Q is for quick learners (like you!)
Focused on the teacher
Showing everyone his certificate!
Love from the Bugs!
So proud

Grandpa and Cody with Cole
Nana, Papa and Cody with Cole
Our little family
I can't believe how grown up you look!
This one truly considers himself part of Cole's class!!  

Big Truck Day

Several weeks back Wayne was working so I took the boys to a Big Truck Day at the church.  It was every boys dream!!  They had everything from cement trucks, army trucks, semi's, cranes, firetrucks, police cars, Monster truck and the list goes on.  I had no idea it would be as large as it was... I hope the church makes it a yearly event because we would definitely go!!
 Army convoy for Grandpa

Cousin Cassie hung out for a bit
Cody driving the police truck.  He was so excited to work the siren
Largest crane in the state!!
Monster truck time!!  (I waited in line for 45 mins and they almost didn't let us go because they were running out of time)

Their favorite of the day by far!!

The Great Outdoors

What can we say after getting our little pop up trailer we have decided we really like camping!!  In fact I am taking the boys again next weekend.  I grew up camping and always had fun and Wayne camped in his 20's and enjoyed it as well so we want our boys to experience all that fun as well!! This last week we went up past Camp Verde.  Other than a flat tire on the trailer the trip went well.  :)
Out for an evening walk
Beautiful Juniper trees

Zoolander and Hansel  LOL

 Cole: I squish the tree... 
 Our tree climber

Pretty sunsets
Coffee by the trees
Cody wanted to take a picture of Tucker
 Rooger loved roaming the open fields!
Just chillin by the fire
Chair wrestling.  Believe it or not Cody is underneath


We took the boys camping a week ago with my best friend Ann and they loved it!  This was the first trip in our new pop up trailer and it was so much fun!!  We decided that it was still a little to cold to go to far north so we stayed in the lower deserty area.  We found a great little spot next to a creek (so we could relax listening to the water) and the boys and 4 dogs loved playing in it!  We had so much fun that we have decided to brave the north and go again in 2 weeks.  Anyone that would like to go give us a call!! :)

Out on our hike with the dogs.  Lucy (Mama Lu), Rooger, Tucker and Kryptic

Our true water dog... He stayed in pretty much the whole trip!!
 We saw these beautiful horses!!  Had I had a trailer I may have taken one!
Down by the creek with Annie
Awe my boys picking me some flowers 
Tucker and K-man in the creek
What better hang out than with my boys and doggies

Umm can you say OBSESSED! 
Annie caught a butterfly
Chillin in the truck with his leapfrog while the adult…

Chloe girl

Sweet, Loyal, Loving, Protector... These are just a few words to describe our Chloe.   It's hard to believe it has been a week... 1 full week without her in our lives.  Even with 2 other large dogs and 2 little boys in the house it still seems empty with her gone.  I think it hits me the hardest in the early mornings when I get up because she was always with me in those quiet hours, just her and I, drinking my coffee or packing lunches.  She was ALWAYS there!   We have known for at least 6 months that she was sick.  She NEVER complained or showed to many outward signs that she was getting worse but we knew our time with her was limited.  She stayed strong right up to the end when she unexpectedly fell in the boys room last Sunday and had a seizure.  Her body just couldn't handle the cancer anymore... She ended up having numerous seizures throughout the day / night and we knew she was ready to go.  Last Monday morning Wayne helped me load her in the car then left with the boys…