Wow I can't believe the Holidays have already come and gone and we've started a New Year~ Our December was very busy!  We went to several different light shows and Christmas musicals, which were all fabulous!!  This year was a little different in the fact that we spent Christmas Eve and day without my mom & step-dad as they went up to MT.  My dad however was here so it was the first year we have celebrated Christmas with him so close to the date and not a few weeks later. :)  Christmas day was spent with Wayne's family as is our tradition and it felt nice not to be rushed to get there.  We just wished it would have been cooler than 80!!
Our lack of normal traditions didn't stop there, the day after Christmas we did not head up to CO like usual... We chose to stay closer to home and rented a cabin in Flag for a few days.  We were really bummed there was no snow this year! :(  But since we were sick I guess it didn't matter to much because we stayed inside for t…

Birthday Boy

How do you sit and explain to people how much joy you have in your heart for your first born on his birthday but also how much your heart hurts for his sister that isn't here?!  7 years ago we were blessed with the birth of our twins, Mckenzie and Cole.  Every year at this time I sit and reflect on how smart, kind hearted and beautiful Mckenize would have been, just like her brother, if she were here.  Mckenzie may not be here with us, but she is in Heaven celebrating her birthday with such an Awesome God and that is what gets me through these times.
Cole.... Where do I start with you little dude?  You have such a generous heart, smart mind and goofiness about you.  You constantly amaze me with your abilities in everything you try!  You have taught me so much about myself in your short 7 years that I hope makes me a better mom to you!   I love you more than you will ever know!  Happy Birthday Coconut!! 

Cole has had a great birthday this year.  He was able to celebrate several ti…

Cody's First Day

What?!!! He's starting preschool?! Ahhh not my baby boy!   It just blows my mind that Cody started preschool.  I swear we were just here with Cole.  (2 years ago) As nervous as some of us may have been (the oldest in the house who will not be named) Cody did amazingly well.  He was very excited to get into his classroom and didn't even look back at me! :*( This year the school is trying something a little different by giving each child a bag, instead of them bringing their own backpacks, which Cody didn't seem to find.  His class is known as the Friendly Frogs so they all have green bags.  I have to say I absolutely love how caring and loving each of his teachers is.  I think he is really going to do great this year!!

Proud big brother
Same steps I took a picture with Cole on.

1st grade

Wow I can't believe that Cole has been in school for a month already!!  What blows me away even more is knowing that Cody starts Tuesday!! Where oh where do the days go?!   Cole seems to be loving school as a 1st grader!  There are 4 new children in his class but otherwise its all the same children that were in his Kindergarten class so he is very comfortable with all of them.  He is also taking a Robotics class after school until the end of October and LOVES it!  His teacher said he is very talented when it comes to legos (which is what they are using to build the robots then power them using an ipad). Here's to a great year!!

I love how the school has each child release a balloon the first day!