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We took the boys camping a week ago with my best friend Ann and they loved it!  This was the first trip in our new pop up trailer and it was so much fun!!  We decided that it was still a little to cold to go to far north so we stayed in the lower deserty area.  We found a great little spot next to a creek (so we could relax listening to the water) and the boys and 4 dogs loved playing in it!  We had so much fun that we have decided to brave the north and go again in 2 weeks.  Anyone that would like to go give us a call!! :)

Out on our hike with the dogs.  Lucy (Mama Lu), Rooger, Tucker and Kryptic

Our true water dog... He stayed in pretty much the whole trip!!
 We saw these beautiful horses!!  Had I had a trailer I may have taken one!
Down by the creek with Annie
Awe my boys picking me some flowers 
Tucker and K-man in the creek
What better hang out than with my boys and doggies

Umm can you say OBSESSED! 
Annie caught a butterfly
Chillin in the truck with his leapfrog while the adult…