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Riding Horses

Saturday I got a call from my best friend Ann asking if I'd like to go riding and bring the boys along.  It's been a long time since we've been able to ride so we jumped at the chance.  She is hoping to bring her 2 horses home within the next month so hopefully we will be able to ride a lot more soon!!   I will let you decide for yourself which of my boys is the animal lover like myself!!  (hint the one in grey stayed in the car for an hour before joining us)! Hahaha

Ann helping Cody feed the cows
Mommy I do myself...
Arrrrrrr I lift hay!!!
They loved climbing all over the alfalfa 
He enjoyed feeding the horses

Waiting to ride

He looks like such the little cowboy!  I need to get him boots!
Setting up the barrels

Say Cheese Izzy!
Ann taking Cody for a ride on Daisy
I do myself mommy!!
Me and my cowboy

Love this one!!