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Camping adventure

Hwy 151 in Flagstaff that we traveled to our camping site for the next 3-4 days!

Our weekend consisted of camping!! Woo Hooo!! As we sat and thought about it we realized that we had not been camping in 4 long years! The last camping adventure we had was when Wayne took me up to the Rim and proposed (and to be honest I couldn't wait to get home and make our announcement so we didn't end up staying to do any camping!) So we thought what should we do this weekend since Wayne had the whole 4 days off... well since it was pretty much 4 years to the date of his proposal we decided camping was the best choice!! We knew that it was predicted to rain... and rain it did... but we still had a great time building fires, hiking, romping around on the ranger (Wayne's friend lent us) and playing games. The dogs had a wonderful time too! Chloe seemed to enjoy joining us on the front seat of the ranger as we raced full bore down the wet and muddy roads while Neon stayed back at camp …