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MD... Miracle Dog

OK so miracle dog, as I like to now refer to him, seems to have made a full recovery which kinda makes me think... Was he just doing this so we would spend a lot of money on him? See our response to whether we would put him down? For attention and wanting to go to work with mom? As of today you would never know that a week ago Neon could not stand, walk or go to the bathroom without assistance! I just hope that I do not have to go through this again anytime soon, although when you have a 12 year old dog you know it will come sooner or later, I just hope later. Although it does make me sit and reflect all things that we have been through together! As you said Ron, I remember him as a little puppy in his green guide dog jacket going to work with me, classes in college, movies, dinner, even a horrible blind date! LOL He is the best dog ever and it will be a miracle to find another to ever take his place!!
Thank you guys for your kind words and prayers for my "baby"!

Let's play guess the illness.....

Thought I would update on Neon for those of you that have asked about him.... We received his Valley Fever tests back and they were negative so that was a good thing! I was doing some research on the internet after talking to someone about his symptoms and found something called IVD that comes on suddenly and affects the inner ear and balance, so I am kind of leaning that way because although he does not have all the symptoms he does have enough to make me believe that he has IVD. Basically there is no cure as it usually just goes away on its own within about 3-4 weeks, so I guess time will tell! I have been bringing Neon to work with me so that I can monitor him and he seems to be doing very well and enjoys hanging out with mom and I. There are times when he stumbles and falls a lot then other times when you would never know something was wrong (usually when there is food involved, LOL)
So I guess that is all that I have as far as an update right now, I will keep you posted in the…

Old age.... SUCKS!

You know as I sit here looking at my "baby" Neon I have decided that getting old for a dog really sucks! I knew that at some point in my life it would come to this day when he would start having a hard time getting around but I always thought naa that will not happen to my dog at least not for a long, long, long time! Well we are here... Wayne and I came home Saturday night to find Neon laying on the floor unable to get up. He gave it his all but his legs just didn't seem to want to do what his brain was telling them to do. After a short time we felt we needed to take him into the emergency vet because he was struggling so bad. Of course with it not even being 2 months since Kota passed away I was very upset and crying thinking this is it we are going to have to put him down... Long story short the vet ran a ton of tests and she could not figure out what was going on. She came back in to see us about a hour or so later and told us that we own a "miracle" …