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Fall Festival

Our church had their annual Fall Festival on Saturday night so of course we attended.  The last couple of years Wayne has volunteered to help run the first aid area since he is a fire fighter.  Last year we took Cole and he was a little turtle... wow what a difference a year makes!  This year he was much more active however he still didn't really care much for all the booths and games.  He did however find the area that they had set up for little kids to his liking because they had several dump trucks!!  Other than hanging out there playing with the dump trucks he was more interested in just hanging out with Wayne up by the music stage.  One of his favorite parts was getting a balloon!!  You would have thought he had just scored a large bag of candy with how excited he was!!  I had a really original costume on.... a cowgirl.  Well when you have all the items and it is comfy why not?!  It will be interesting to see how he does next year... will he want to play the games or still ju…