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Fashion Show

Since yesterday was a little bit of a rough day Cole decided to cheer me up by letting me play dress up with him when I got home from work.  He was really enjoying himself!!  How could I not be instantly happy playing with this cutie!!!
Going for the Tarzan look here complete with Lion Slippers!
Girls dig the abs..... 
Dude where's the beach?! 
I just wuvvvvv you mommy!!

So much in 6 months...

There are days when it seems like it was a lifetime ago and others where it seems like a few hours... My heart is hurting today (and maybe I should have worn my waterproof mascara...) because today seems to be one of those hours days.  6 months ago today I lost my baby girl.  I sit and wonder some days what she would be like.  Would she be just like her brother?! There are days that I look at him and see her!  I was listening to Klove on the way to work this morning and they were telling the story of Kolby {here is the link if you would care to read about it.}  (  This is the story that Wayne found on the Internet when he was doing research on Mckenzie's condition.  It REALLY helped us!!  So was it a coincidence that God had me hear it today of all days?!  I think not!  Thank you Lord for letting me know that you are still there for me even though we have had so much loss in the last 6 months.  :0)