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Cody's First Day

What?!!! He's starting preschool?! Ahhh not my baby boy!   It just blows my mind that Cody started preschool.  I swear we were just here with Cole.  (2 years ago) As nervous as some of us may have been (the oldest in the house who will not be named) Cody did amazingly well.  He was very excited to get into his classroom and didn't even look back at me! :*( This year the school is trying something a little different by giving each child a bag, instead of them bringing their own backpacks, which Cody didn't seem to find.  His class is known as the Friendly Frogs so they all have green bags.  I have to say I absolutely love how caring and loving each of his teachers is.  I think he is really going to do great this year!!

Proud big brother
Same steps I took a picture with Cole on.