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We took the boys to the Arizona Science Center last week and had a great family day together.  The boys were able to interact with most of the exhibits.  We also thought it was pretty neat to sit in the Planetarium and learn more about the planets because Cole had a science project due on Neptune.  I didn't end up taking to many pictures as we were interacting but here are a few of our favorites.  When we asked the boys which was their favorite they said the show we watched on Volcanoes.  :)
First up was the Human body.... Do you know where all these organs go?! 

Exhibit on light.  They had a lot of fun dancing behind this screen. LOL

One of my favorites was a whole room on how to build a house!  I sat and designed a floor plan before the boys came along and kicked me out.  Hahaha

We went to two different shows in the Planetarium.  One was on our whole Solar System, it was pretty interesting.  The other one was on Volcanoes which I ended up closing my eyes for because it really …