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Two weeks ago our boys were the ring bearer and bible bearer in our nieces wedding!  They were so excited!  They did a great job!  After the ceremony I passed out snacks to the family while we hung out for pictures.  I am so glad that I thought ahead and brought enough for everyone because we were all famished.  (I learned from our other nieces wedding 2-1/2 years ago when I didn't have food and the kids were Hangry and tired, I was not going to have that happen again! LOL)   After all the photos we headed over to the reception ready to party it up!!!  What a great time!  The boys (Wayne included) loved the dancing!
Here are a few photos we took of the wonderful day!! Congratulations Emily!!!
Getting the boys ready
Ohhh that face!!
My studly boys! 
All the male cousins (Cody might be rapping!)
Emily almost ready
Our niece Hailey hanging out with the boys
Our other 2 nieces Madison and Cassie greeting guests
Lori (sister-in-law) being escorted down the isle by Austin our nephew