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We just returned from our trip to California.  The weather was wonderful!!!!  To say that it was a vacation may be using the wrong words... LOL  I would say that it was more of a trip.  Cody was very, very, very clingy with me.  He did not want ANYONE but me to hold him (even his Daddy).  If I was not sitting right next to him on the beach he would start crying.  His sleep was not very good, he didn't nap well and he woke up crying a lot in the night.  This caused Wayne and I not to get much sleep either.  Cole on the other hand slept through everything!  I figured out why Cody was so fussy and clingy the morning we were leaving.... His first tooth finally popped through!!  Poor little guy was teething plus out of sorts from not having his normal routine in place.  Hopefully next year he will have a much better time.  :) Here are some of our photos.  I have a few more I still need to download. Playin some baseball
Walking down to Ruby's
Look Mom over there!!

Playin a little v…