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Birthday Wishes

I just wanted to Thank everyone for the Birthday wishes! I woke up to it snowing, it was so beautiful. We decided to go down to town and see the movie Avatar... It was awesome!!! Wayne and I really enjoyed it and didn't even notice that it was a 3 hour movie! We then walked around town window shopping and had dinner at a very nice restaurant called Ken & Sue's (a birthday tradition). We had a great time and of course felt like our trip went way to fast. Do you ever look at a trip and think wow I have the next 8 days here and feel like that is such a long time, then when you have to go home you say wow that flew by it feels like we just got here... or am I the only one?! :)

Here are a few photos from our trip. We went snowshoeing a couple of days... great exercise at high altitude!

Wayne, Chloe & I snowshoeing along the Pine River. (Chloe has turned into a great snow dog, she loved going out for walks with Wayne every day)

Me making a snowshoe angel

The Pine River Va…