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Wildlife Zoo

What a great day! Wayne and I went hiking Saturday morning and then out to breakfast. We then ran home for a quick change then out the door to the Wildlife Zoo on the west side. We had a really good time! We walked through the new aquarium (doesn't compare to the one in Tenn.) then took our time strolling around looking at all the animals. We decided our favorite was the Porcupines and the Giraffe's. We saw so many cool animals though... Did you know there is one called a Singing Dog?!! I have posted all the photos on my picasa web page. We also saw this ostrich that just cracked us up because he kept snapping at the air like he was catching bugs or something but there was nothing there! We got a good laugh out of him! We then finished out the day with dinner out!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day like we did!! :)