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Fun the last few days

On Friday we went with our best friends to the Zoo.  The kids all love hanging out together and are very close in age.  It is so cute to see them all together!  Saturday Grandpa came up and we played and went to grab some lunch. The kids love having you up dad!  Cole: I loved Grandpa coming up yesterday... Me: well he loves you very much.... Cole: well I love him very much too! Cole also ventured out and tried 2 new things!  If you know him you know this is a big deal!!  He absolutely refuses anything dairy!!  He tried Mac & Cheese and Chocolate Milk!  Hopefully they will stick with him.  The boys brushing goats in the petting zoo.  Cody loves running from one goat to another!
Got them all to sit together!  Molly, Jensen, Cody, Cole.
Can we brush the goats pleeeeeze
He wasn't to sure about the tractor.  Maybe because the seat was so big and the wheel was kinda far
Elephant boy
Cody riding on Grandpas shoulders
Cole around the same age...
Trying the Mac & Chees…