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Kindergarten Grad

Wow does a school year fly by!  It seems like we were just walking you to your first day of Kindergarten last August and now we are walking you to your graduation!  We are so proud of you Cole!!  You have a kind heart, caring personality and a thirst for learning!  You have received A's all semester (which your teacher told us she does not give out very often)!!  You have also made some great friends.  We are excited to see what the next year has in store for you!  We love you Coconut!!
Getting ready in the classsroom
The ABC's.... P is for Pumpkin Patch that you went to in Oct.  Q is for quick learners (like you!)
Focused on the teacher
Showing everyone his certificate!
Love from the Bugs!
So proud

Grandpa and Cody with Cole
Nana, Papa and Cody with Cole
Our little family
I can't believe how grown up you look!
This one truly considers himself part of Cole's class!!