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With a little help

Although he falls down if unassisted Cole loves to stand!  He will grab your hands from a laying down position and instead of just sitting up he will go all the way into a stand.  He loves to jump too!  I had a video that I tried to post but it didn't work for some reason :(

Where has the time gone?!!

Where has the time gone?  I can't believe that our little Cole is 9 months old today!! This past weekend we went to The Westin Resort at Kierland and stayed for a few days.  It was so nice to "pretend" we were from out of town and wonder around Kierland and the Scottsdale Quarter.  (even though I work less than a mile down the road, lol).  We went as a big family, 7 of us total, and had a really nice time!  We went out to dinner, played games and hung out by the pool.  So nice!! It's hard to believe I have lived here all my life yet I have never gone to stay at one of the area hotels.  I think we may try to do it more often. :)   Wondering around the hotel. I love how I caught Cole sticking his tongue out.   Sitting with Aunt Kara at breakfast
  Chillin at the pool in my designer shades
 It was fun waking up to a little baby sitting in our big bed.  I love his little yawn, blurry and all. 
  Cole taking a picture of himself with my phone 
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