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He was to young

As I write this my heart has a emptiness and very deep sadness to it. Kota my little baby has passed away. I know that a lot of people never got to see Kota for who he really was because he was so scared of people in general that he would hide whenever anyone came over, but for me he was one of the best cats I have ever had. We joked that he was the demon cat because he was so fierce and feisty as a kitten (having bitten through Ann's palm the day we got him) but with me & only me he was the sweetest, most cuddly cat ever!! Kota was a talker with me, he would talk to me the minute I got up in the morning until I went to bed at night. He was my shadow... I could not go anywhere (even the bathroom) without him wanting to be next to me talking. He always had a lot to say! One of the other things that I absolutely loved about him was that he always wanted me to hold or cuddle with him. He would voice this loudly until I would pick him up and hold him on my hip like a baby…