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Camping in August

We really enjoy camping!  So when we found out Cole had a half day in school last week we decided to jump in the truck and go!  Luckily my dad was able to join us this time. :)  Even though it rained most of Friday night we still had a fun time playing games in the trailer and woke up to a sunny Saturday morning.  We did some exploring and shooting.  I think we just may go again soon.... :)
Our little set up.  Our site is actually quite large though. 
We were talking about goats and getting out on rock ledges so I couldn't pass up the dare... Wayne was not happy!
Grandpa brought binoculars and the boys loved it!
Tucker chillin by the fireplace
Enjoying his morning coffee
We spy with our little eyes....
Watching us shoot.  Letting us know if we hit the target.
Also the M14
Dad was pretty dead on!
Just lost a tooth eating lunch (foreshadowing to 4 days later)
Rooger watching the wildlife
High five dude!
Nah lets just hug instead
Cant really tell but this was a beautiful pano of…