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9 month check up

Really?!  Is it really possible that this little guy is 9 months?!  Say it can't be so!!!!  You know everyone always tells you that it goes by sooo fast and they are absolutely right!  I mean in my heart it feels like I just left the hospital to take Mckenzie and Cole home... where did all the time go???  Life moves by way to fast... Wayne and I were just commenting on the fact that our 20 year reunion is going to be here soon.  We've been out of high school that long already!?!  Eeekkk  that means I'm ooooold!!  Ok now that I have gotten a little bit of that out of my system I will continue on with our little guy.  We went in to see Dr. Engel Monday (we absolutely love her!!!)  She makes us feel like we are her only patients and she just loves Cole!  She always has so much patience with me while I ask my 500 questions.  During this trip Cole checked out in perfect health!  Well he does every time, but it makes me feel so good to know that he has never been sick (up until…