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Colorado fun

The first week of September we took a trip to Durango to rest, recharge and relax.... The week flew by so fast!  Couple of firsts for the boys.  First we found out that Cody loves to climb!!!  Cole got a new bunk bed and we found Cody proudly sitting on the top bunk one morning!!!!!  Scared us to death!  He also thought it was fun to climb up on the chair to then get up on the end table and stand there or try to squeeze through the stair rails.  Cole went on his first hike where he walked the whole way (2.5 miles)!  He also got to ride in a Polaris 4 seater for the first time.  He seemed to really like that! Cody tried his first popsicle, he was not a big fan of the way it was so cold. All in all it was a great trip!!!  We loved the beautiful weather, our neighbors hanging out with us, bike rides around the lake, etc...  

Playing on the deck together

Sitting with Daddy each morning in the hammock.
Start of our hike!
Superman (our cute little hero!)

Beautiful Aspens
My hiking boys!