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So Wayne and I were watching the Dog Whisperer the other night and thought we should get some rollerblades to see if we can wear Chloe out. I went to Play it Again Sports and found the coolest girly blades!! They are black with pink and white and I love them... The best part is that I only paid $25 for them!! Woo Hoo!!! So... we took Chloe out last night and of course she started out all gun hoe running pulling me along behind her, I'm sure you can just imagine the picture in your mind of me on rollerblades with Wayne on a bike behind us pedaling fast to keep up as Chloe races down the street dragging me behind her!! :) Well I have to say it was actually fun! About half way I got tired because I was going on the street which is tougher than the sidewalk, so I would grab on to the back of the bike seat and have Wayne pull me and Chloe (who is now dragging behind). I can only imagine what cars passing by must have thought as they laughed going by us. In the end I was the one