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Weekly Happenings

Last Saturday Wayne and Cole spend a little one on one time at our local Lowe's building a fire truck together.  Cole was so excited to get home and show me what they had built.  Shortly after though he started getting a fever and ended up staying in bed most of Saturday and Sunday.  Poor guy felt awful.  Have to make sure you use the proper safety equipment. :)

 Just like daddy's! Monday morning bright and early we had Cody's 15 month check up.  Little did we know we were going to be there so long as the weekend storm caused problems with the doctors computers.  It was ok as the boys enjoyed watching cartoons and playing with the toys in the waiting room.  Cody is doing great!  Dr. Engel said he is right on track and actually tall!  He weighted in at 23.6 lbs and 32-1/4" long.  I talked to the doctor about Cole's mysterious fever over the weekend and after checking him out she could find nothing wrong with him.  Guess God just wanted him to slow down for the w…