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Cole's 5th Birthday

I feel so far behind!  I am just now getting around to downloading pictures from last month.  The Coleman turned the BIG 5 on Nov. 8th!!!  We celebrated by starting out the night before with our niece Hailey spending the night.  Wayne and I took the 3 kids bowling... Cole and Cody's first time!  They loved it!!!  We will definitely need to go back and do it more often!  We then moved to an arcade for some games as the bowling manager gave Cole a $10 gift card for his Birthday to use.  We were so impressed!  After a long night we headed home to bed.  Waking up the morning of his birthday Cole discovered his new bike!! We headed over to the park by our house and had his party, Paw Patrol themed of course.  He was very excited!  He was so cute opening up all his gifts, he went around to each person thanking them all on his own.  Brings a tear to my eye knowing we are raising such a great kid!  You are growing up to fast... Slow down!
Happy Birthday Buddy We love you!!

Hailey, Cody a…

My little Cowboy

Cole had a Fall Festival at school last week so they were asked to dress up as Cowboys & Cowgirls.  I remembered this last minute so this was the best I could come up with.  He wore the hat all the way to the classroom door until he realize none of the other boys were dressed up and only 5 girls were.  So off came the hat to be stored in his cubby.  :*(   Oh well at least I got a few good shots of my cute little cowboy!!   They had a petting zoo and pumpkin decorating so he was pretty excited!
Yee Haw
Mommy take my picture by the spiderwebs.  
This little cowboy wanted to be just like his big brother!
Mommy I want to take a picture of you with me.  
Daddy wants to be a Cowboy too!! 


Seems like we have had a lot going on this month.... We decided to take the boys out to McDonald's Ranch on the 17th because the weather was feeling so fallish and we had a groupon.  LOL   I can't say I was in the best mood when we initially got there but after a little bit I lightened up and had a good time watching the boys playing.  There were several games, panning for gold, petting zoo, hayrides, pumpkin patch.  I loved that the weather was rainy and cool!!  Cole loves mazes! They spent about 45 minutes in here!
There was a little girl that took to Cole and the 2 of them followed each other around.
Little rubber duck water races.  Hard to see Cody grabbing all the ducks.
Cole was really good at pumping the water
Brushing Bacon!  
Daddy even took at turn
Brushing Pork Chop (these were names we gave them)
Hayride to the pumpkin patch!
The Bugs and Daddy
This was the best picture I got of the pumpkins  LOL
He did such an awesome job roping the cow!!!

Mini Glider

Someone is trying to learn to ride a bike!  He absolutely loves wearing the helmet.  Next step is putting him on a bike with pedals (he still doesn't understand pedaling but hopefully by next month when Cole's birthday comes around he will.... Sshhhh Cole's getting a new bike so that means so is Cody!)

Family Day

Last Sunday we were trying to decide what we would like to do together since Wayne was home.  We remembered that we had gotten a groupon for the Phx. Children's Museum so we thought we'd give it a try.  The last time we were there was right after Cody was born, so obviously he did not participate.  He had a blast this time with Cole!!!
Climbing around in the 3 story wire house.   Cody's face tells all the excitement!!
Look proof that mommy attends things too.  LOL

Sand light.  He really enjoyed this!

Car wash
Vroom vroom
Cody loved the Momo  (he was going really fast as his hair suggests. Haha)
Looked like a human hamster wheel
Taking a rest after 30 minutes in the noodle maze
Both boys really liked watching the golf balls make there way down to the bottom.

Who knew they would spend most of their time in the kitchen / restaurant area!!
Cole and this girl loading items up to put back on the shelves.
Cody scooped these beans for about 30 minutes!!!  I may have to put one o…