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Day in the life of the Bugs and Coco man

I can't believe that Cody (bugs) is going to be a year in another week and a half!  Where did a year go?!!  Even though it is super duper hot out these days the boys want to play in the back yard.  So I had them wait until 7:30 to go out so that we wouldn't have to play in the full sun.  It was so fun to watch the 2 of them play with their planes.   

Tuesday Wayne had tickets to the Diamondbacks game right at the dug out!!!  He took Cole for his first game and the 2 of them had a blast!!  For days leading up to the game Cole kept telling us how he was going to get popcorn.  Well he did and he ate the WHOLE box!!!  I think they'll be going back to more games! :)
Cody bugs wanted to try our pizza so bad that night that we decided to give him the crust to chew on.  He LOVED it!!!  Guess Grimaldi's is the best pizza around!!! (glad to see he got my genes for their pizza, hahaha)