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Labor Day Durango Trip

Ok, so I have been trying to post all these photos for weeks with no luck.... (I recently upgraded to Windows 10 which is cool and all but apparently my computer liked itself better the old way).  I finally figured out that by starting up the internet with a different browser my blog decided it would allow my photos to upload.  You would think this day in age all these programs would talk to each other! LOL
Here are a few photos from our latest trip to Durango.
The drive up.  Rooger did wonderful!  He slept on the floor in the backseat.  The boys were good as well watching movies!
Rooger LOVED playing fetch down the driveway every day!
Downtown by the train station
Since it was raining on Saturday we thought we would go for a drive to Silverton... It stopped raining as soon as we got to town and hours later as we started our trek home it started raining again.  We had the perfect day!!
Watching the train getting ready to head out back to Durango
We sat and watched the train for a whi…