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28 week appointment

    We had our 28 week appointment today and my mom went with as she has never seen an ultrasound before.  Of course this is the week that the baby decided not to cooperate!  Since I call Cole my little circus monkey as he is always climbing on everything it is good to see that this baby is keeping in tradition with the circus performances.... the baby was completely folded in half!!!!  In the first photo below you can make out the face and what looks like an arm is actually a leg!  We were all amazed at the flexibility!!  Mom said it's got to be a girl as no boy is that flexible! Hahaha  Since this little one was not being cooperative today mom will just have to go back to another ultrasound to see the baby a little better.  Things are going good.  I have bad heartburn but other than that I am doing pretty good right now.  Can't believe we only have about 10 more weeks!  Seems like a ways off but I think it is going to go by fast! Looking forward to our photo sessio