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Happy Halloween!

Here are a few fun photos from Halloween's in the past.

Curly Chloe

Wayne (the nerd) & I (as a cat, check out my eye's they were the best part!)

Neon as Cookie Monster

Wayne & I as Hippies

My memory as I get older

Ok, so I am a loser and totally forgot 2 things this month.... 1st: Vicky's Birthday on the 10th Happy Belated Birthday!
2nd: Dad & Vicky's anniversary last Wednesday the 21st.

Birthday Shout Out!

Happy Birthday Daddio!

Chilly Oct. days.... I don't think so!

Who would have thought that we would have been able to take the boat out to wake board again at the end of October!! I mean come on isn't it supposed to be getting cold out already?!! It was about 86 degrees out yesterday so we decided to pack a lunch and head out to the lake.... it ended up being the perfect day!
John and Wayne actually got in the water, I decided to pass it was just a little to chill for me... 70 degrees

Mom learning how to drive the boat

See I participate in family events.... someone actually took my picture this time!
Wayne snoozing in the sun after surfing and some lunch

We saw burros on the shore
Lots of pretty sailboats out too!