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From Tummy to sitting, he is trying it all in the course of a few weeks!  So proud of our little Coleman!!
You can just imagine Joey from Friends voice saying  "How you doooin"!
Look mommy I'm trying to sit

Pesky little creatures

Every year about this time our dog Chloe goes nuts outside by the spa.  It took us a while to figure out what the creature was that was living under the deck, we originally thought it was a bird, but we now know better!  Last year we caught a squirrel and released him into the desert by our house, well this year true to form Chloe went nuts and we set the trap and Wa La... We caught Rocky... We thought about keeping him as a pet for Cole (just kidding) He is kinda cute in a rustic untamed squirrel kinda way, but I think that he will be much happier over by the apartments down the road (I think someone over there throws carrots over the wall for the bunnies so he can eat those).  Good Lucky Rocky!!  {Don't come back Ya hear!!}