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Cody "Bugs" Birthday

I'm a little late in posting Happy Birthday to our little guy!  We had a bug themed birthday party on Saturday at a park for Cody which included M&M's (beetle bugs) Ladybugs (chocolate chip cookies) Caterpillars (grapes on sticks) Rollie Pollies (whoppers) Stick bugs (pretzels) and Snails Tails (tortilla sandwiches).  Of course we also had to have Bug Juice!!  It only seemed fitting to do a bug theme since he is known as Cody Bug to everyone.  It was very hot out but I think it was still a big success!  I think we were all shocked that he ate his whole cupcake!!!  I just love this little guy to pieces.  He is so easy going and loving to everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE BABY BOY! How big is Cody?! So big!
Is this for me??
 Cleaned up after his cupcake
Fun was had by all!