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The photo says 10 weeks but it was actually almost 11.  Baby seems to be doing good and was even stretching quite a bit for us!  :)

Big News

Now that we have told our families we are making it official with all our friends.... We are expecting in July!! We feel very blessed and are very excited!!

2 years....

Wow 2 years ago this morning our little girl went to Heaven!  It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years.  Some days it feels like it just happened then other days it feels like a lifetime ago... I guess it will always feel that way.  It's hard not to think wow if she were here what would she be doing right now?!  Playing with Cole, arguing over who gets mom's phone to watch cartoons, etc... But we know she is having much more fun than we could ever imagine!!!  Can't wait until the day we meet again Mckenzie Lynn!!!! Love, Mommy Cole and I went out for a visit, he left one of his Birthday balloons. :o)

Fall Festival

Our church had their annual Fall Festival on Saturday night so of course we attended.  The last couple of years Wayne has volunteered to help run the first aid area since he is a fire fighter.  Last year we took Cole and he was a little turtle... wow what a difference a year makes!  This year he was much more active however he still didn't really care much for all the booths and games.  He did however find the area that they had set up for little kids to his liking because they had several dump trucks!!  Other than hanging out there playing with the dump trucks he was more interested in just hanging out with Wayne up by the music stage.  One of his favorite parts was getting a balloon!!  You would have thought he had just scored a large bag of candy with how excited he was!!  I had a really original costume on.... a cowgirl.  Well when you have all the items and it is comfy why not?!  It will be interesting to see how he does next year... will he want to play the games or still ju…

Halloween Party

We went to our neighbors Birthday / Halloween party over the weekend and Cole had a great time!  Granted he ALWAYS has a great time there because he LOVES their upstairs loft / playroom!  Every time we go outside he makes a beeline for their house so he can play.  I'm sure he loves that they have 3 kids he can play with as well with Aubrey only being 6 weeks older than him.  Anyway it took him about 25 minutes to put the little mask on but he finally did and I was glad I caught it with the camera!! Like Father like son! :o)

Lunch Date

Last week Cole and I went out for a lunch date to Arrowhead Mall.  We had to pick up a suit for Wayne's charity dinner so thought we would make an afternoon of it.  First we stopped at the RC store (remote control vehicles) and Cole didn't want to leave because he is in love with all things car!  We headed over to Chipotle for some yummy lunch.  Cole had chicken and rice and his own guacamole with chips and he pretty much ate it all!!!  Then we went over to the little carosel that he spotted.  I was wondering how he would do, I thought he would get nervous when it started to move, but he did great!  We ended our date with playing in the kids fun area before heading home and falling asleep in the car.  Great afternoon!!!

Cole's first Birthday trip to Prescott Ok so I am testing different things... blog doesn't seem to want to take any photos from my computer but will take them from my Picasa page (at least that is what it is showing me).  Will keep working on it....


Has anyone else been having problems getting photos to upload to their blog?  I can not figure out why mine will no longer upload any photos!  It just started with my last 2 posts.  Very frustrating, so if anyone has a suggestion to help I would love to hear it! 


Remember that big hail storm we had in October of 2010 that caused tons of damage all around town?!  Well since we had a lot going on in our lives after that we have just finally gotten around to having our roof replaced from the hail damage!!  I think it really updates the house!  We love the new color and it won't be hard to find our house as we are the only ones on our street with a different color roof tile.  So with all the different improvements we have been making on the house I would say it is safe to say we are going to be staying here for a while!  :) Before During After

Colorado trip

We just returned home from a 10 day trip to Colorado.  It was hard coming home to all the heat!!!  We had such a great time enjoying nature and the cooler weather!  We went on lots of hikes, Wayne biked around Vallecito Lake several times (15 miles of hills) and we just hung out at the house.  Can't wait to do it again next year!!

La Plata Canyon Hike
La Plata Canyon
Mom and I following the guys to who knows where....

Our day trip to Ouray
Cole wanting to pick me a flower

The Silverton Train

Our Pagosa Springs Hike (awesome trail we found!!)

Vallecito Lake
Vallecito Lake

Cole in front of the house, he wanted to climb on this rock!

Visiting with family friends
Deer by the house

Horsing around

So two weekends ago I got to go on a horseback riding / camping trip with my best friend Ann!  I was so excited to go!!! The group of women we joined have been doing this for 22 years! The last 3 years I have been unable to make it and wanted to make sure to join this year.  We came home late Thurday night from our CA trip so I could get up bright and early Friday morning to head out.  As soon as we got to Prescott it started pouring!  We didn't mind until we got closer to camp.  You see the road we were going on turned to a dirt road about 20 miles from camp... when dirt gets rained on it gets muddy... when you are pulling a horse trailer with a 2 wheel drive on very steep dirt muddy road and you have to stop behind 3 other vehicles you have a tendancy to start slidding backwards and you get umm shall we say STUCK!  Oh gosh what a beginning to our fun filled girls weekend camping trip!!  Since we were last in a canavan of 4 vehicles the other three took off not realizing we were …