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Quick trip

So the dogs and I made a quick trip up to Durango this past weekend to just get out of the heat and hang out at the house. Although I ended up working on the house with my mom and John it was still a very nice weekend. On Friday (after about 4 hours sleep) mom and I delivered an area rug for a client and had lunch & wandered around town with Mickie, it was a very nice day! On Saturday we ended up power washing the whole deck and going to dinner and having margarita's in Bayfield. Sunday morning we got up and after realizing that the rain might just stay away for a little while mom and I re-stained/sealed the deck While we were doing all of this John was laying stone on the three pillars in the front of the house, they turned out awesome! We then went into town and had some ice cream and watched all the bikers.
It was hard to come home on Monday, the weather was soooo nice and cool, however Wayne was patiently awaiting for my return and had steaks on! Yummmm!!!
Here are a …