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Chloe girl

Sweet, Loyal, Loving, Protector... These are just a few words to describe our Chloe.   It's hard to believe it has been a week... 1 full week without her in our lives.  Even with 2 other large dogs and 2 little boys in the house it still seems empty with her gone.  I think it hits me the hardest in the early mornings when I get up because she was always with me in those quiet hours, just her and I, drinking my coffee or packing lunches.  She was ALWAYS there!   We have known for at least 6 months that she was sick.  She NEVER complained or showed to many outward signs that she was getting worse but we knew our time with her was limited.  She stayed strong right up to the end when she unexpectedly fell in the boys room last Sunday and had a seizure.  Her body just couldn't handle the cancer anymore... She ended up having numerous seizures throughout the day / night and we knew she was ready to go.  Last Monday morning Wayne helped me load her in the car then left with the boys…