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Carefree Pumpkins

On Monday after we dropped Cole off at school Cody and I went up to Carefree to meet up with Aunt Lisa, Aunt Joan (from NY) and Grandma.  We walked all around the Sundial circle where they had vignettes set up of different pumpkin scenes.  They had a master carver there who did all these wonderful pumpkins!  Its amazing the things he was able to do.  They had a saloon, bank, boxing ring, etc.. I only took a few photos with my phone though. :(  We then went to lunch for Mexican food before returning to look around some local shops.   
 Cody, Aunt Joan, Aunt Lisa
Having fun beating the pumpkins lol

Contemplating the weight of the pumpkin

Look mommy corn!
The guy in the background is having way to much fun!
He's silly mommy!!!
Cody LOVED this one!  Look mommy he has a watermelon on his nose!
Long day...
Henry Hugglemonster?!!
How many eggs can he balance?
He got away without his stem...