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Seems like we have had a lot going on this month.... We decided to take the boys out to McDonald's Ranch on the 17th because the weather was feeling so fallish and we had a groupon.  LOL   I can't say I was in the best mood when we initially got there but after a little bit I lightened up and had a good time watching the boys playing.  There were several games, panning for gold, petting zoo, hayrides, pumpkin patch.  I loved that the weather was rainy and cool!!  Cole loves mazes! They spent about 45 minutes in here!
There was a little girl that took to Cole and the 2 of them followed each other around.
Little rubber duck water races.  Hard to see Cody grabbing all the ducks.
Cole was really good at pumping the water
Brushing Bacon!  
Daddy even took at turn
Brushing Pork Chop (these were names we gave them)
Hayride to the pumpkin patch!
The Bugs and Daddy
This was the best picture I got of the pumpkins  LOL
He did such an awesome job roping the cow!!!