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California Trip 2016

I can't believe our annual July trip to CA has come and gone already!  I usually start preparing the beginning of the year trying to secure our hotel, dates, etc... I have to say that our place this year beat all past years!!  We loved our room!!!  The boys loved that their cousins were just 3 doors down and they could run back and forth.  We are looking forward to next year already!!
(I'm not sure why some of the pictures are distorted)
Ben teaching Cody to play Frisbee

 First day on the beach with Daddy
Sand kisses

Starting on our first trench....
Nap time
Passed out at the end of the day sun burned :(
Our view of the pier and beach from 1 of our balconies
Chillin with Hailey
Secrets with Maddy
Feetless children...
My cousin Nathan from Australia came down to visit us from Hollywood for the day.  It was his first time meeting Wayne and the boys
Part of our daily crew
Beach time with Austin
Warming up
Falling asleep after a long day again... LOL
I am Capt. of this Sea!!