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Summers almost over....

I can't believe that Cole starts school again next week!!  Where has the summer gone?  We were talking about this last night at dinner and we feel like the summer has been just as busy as the school year.  Between VBS, my finger surgery, flying to Oklahoma for a new truck, Cody's Birthday and him learning to swim, our CA trip and Camping this summer has flown by.  With each passing event I come to realize more and more how quickly the months and years are flying by and our boys are growing up so fast!!  They aren't little anymore. :*(
VBS with Madison as his teacher
VBS with Emily and Hailey as his teacher
Somewhere in Amarillo with Wayne's new truck.  Flew to OK city and drove home.
My finger surgery.  2 large pieces of fiberglass removed and a few smaller pieces flushed.  It has healed remarkable well!! (I'll spare you the gory photos)
Cody Bugs 4th Birthday!! What kid asks for socks?!  This one!!
Bugs is swimming like a fish!! Both Wayne and I are in complete a…