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Here are a few more photos I found on my CD, I thought they were so funny!

Farmer and the Dell

Look out.... what's he up to with that frying pan.....

Gotta love this shot! LOL

Ah the good 'ole days....

I was cleaning out some of the drawers in my office when I came across this CD with pictures from our trip to Kansas (I think in 2003?) It was such a fun trip because everyone on my dad's side of the family made it out to Kansas were we spent a week goofing off and reminiscing. It has since become and even more special trip to me as my grandfather has pasted away and my dad's uncle Gerald in the photo has as well. It is just such a cool thing to me when you can get everyone together in a family and get photos that you can look back on and remember the Good 'Ole Days! I wish that we all lived closer together so that we could see each other more often, we seem to have spread out quite far between AZ, NY, AL, KS, Australia. Maybe one day soon we can all meet up half way again for some long over due family fun! Until then I will just have to keep looking at all my photos. :)

Lori & I in a huge sunflower field

Our whole family (minus James) on my Dad's side

The thre…

Ride along

Ok, this will probably sound a little strange but I was so excited yesterday when I got to go on a ride along with Wayne's station! I had stopped by to bring the guys some ice cream to cool their day down and was told Wayne and his partner Brad were out on a call, so I hung out for a few minutes talking with his Capt. The tones rang out for the engine to join in on the call Wayne was at so his Capt. asked if I would like to ride along so of course I said heck yea!! It was a little funny because I had just been talking with my friend Jen (Brad's fiance) earlier in the afternoon about wanting to go on a ride along and low and behold I got my wish! :) Anyway I found out as we were in route that they were going to be bringing in a helicopter so that was another treat to see! It is just amazing to me to sit and observe the guys in action and see what they deal with on a day to day basis. I really do have huge respect for what these guys do to help people!! Here are a few pic…