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Family Day

Last Sunday we were trying to decide what we would like to do together since Wayne was home.  We remembered that we had gotten a groupon for the Phx. Children's Museum so we thought we'd give it a try.  The last time we were there was right after Cody was born, so obviously he did not participate.  He had a blast this time with Cole!!!
Climbing around in the 3 story wire house.   Cody's face tells all the excitement!!
Look proof that mommy attends things too.  LOL

Sand light.  He really enjoyed this!

Car wash
Vroom vroom
Cody loved the Momo  (he was going really fast as his hair suggests. Haha)
Looked like a human hamster wheel
Taking a rest after 30 minutes in the noodle maze
Both boys really liked watching the golf balls make there way down to the bottom.

Who knew they would spend most of their time in the kitchen / restaurant area!!
Cole and this girl loading items up to put back on the shelves.
Cody scooped these beans for about 30 minutes!!!  I may have to put one o…