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Furry Children

You know it is funny because since I do not have children yet I treat my animals as my kids. I took this photo after Chloe ran over and threw herself down on her "babies" so that Neon could not play with them. It made me laugh because I could just imagine her saying.... NOOOOO these are mine, you can't play with them! Mom, Neon is touching my babies!!!
(You can just see this in her expression!)
Of course Wayne and I do not put up with her greediness, we do not like for her to think that everything in the house is her's alone so when she starts this kind of thinking the "babies" are taken away. I just thought it was funny, guess it helps prepare us for children! LOL

Hairy Scary....

Well I finally did it, I cut my hair! I was having a really hard time (going back and forth between doing it now or later because I was having such a hard time letting go) but after sitting and thinking about it for about a half hour I let Ashley do it. It is weird when you think about it, I mean for me anyway.... Here God was only asking me to donate 10" but it was such a hard thing for me to do (at the time) it's not like he was asking for all my money or my life, just hair! This may be stupid but I started thinking, how can I be a child of God and do the things he is asking of me in my life if I can't even listen to him about my hair!! I knew that it was for a good cause and it is something that I have been working towards for a long time now, but when it came down to it I had a hard time giving it up! I had to call a few friends but in the end I just asked God to please give me peace of mind in knowing that I was doing this to help someone else that was less fort…