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Growing up fast

The boys are just growing up way to fast!!  I'm so glad that I am able to capture most of their moments in photos.  I love looking back and seeing their growth even if it makes me a little sad.  This last month we....... Went to the park and fed the ducks
Went on walks
Went to the Police / Military dog trials

Drove to Yarnell to support a good friend with a fundraiser for a memorial
Checked out the car show in Yarnell
Hung out with friends... lol
Learned to start sharing and hugging
More sharing...
 Learning to play checkers from Daddy  Checkin out the sunglasses at the Pro shop.. Waz up!
You lookin at me?!
Goin for a ride?
Cuddled on the bed watching movies
Had to throw this one in too, he has grown a ton in the last month!! Now 50 lbs @ 5 months old.